Classic Collection

  • I Love my Turtle-Ball! It's so comfortable to sit on, perfect for a relaxing day on the beach, to take it on a picnic, reading a book or event watching tv. I love bein able to take it around as it's really lightweight. The pocket is perfect to put your phone, wallet and keys. Extremely cozy and cute, highly recommend it!

    Belen, Maroubra.

  • Who said the bed is the only place that should be comfortable? As a person who enjoys the beach but used to avoid it because it was too hard to read a book or check my phone, Turtle-Ball changed everything. It's the perfect beach or picnic ball- super comfortable and easy to bring anywhere. I would recommend you make the beach a comfy place too with Turtle-Ball!

    Fanny, North Bondi.

  • This changes your beach experience completely. No more rolling around, sitting up and rolling around again. This has allowed me to be able to enjoy the beach comfortably. It allows for better conversations and a more sociable beach day. I love it.

    Alex, Bondi Beach.